A virtuous intertwining of skills and professionalism at the service of research

Members ensure the dissemination of skills and equipment, necessary for implementing the projects of the Network’s projects.

Continuous scientific and technological development in cancer research is widening the gap between potential progress and therapy offered to cancer patients. The mission of Alliance Against Cancer is to convey technological and organizational innovation from basic research to clinical practice, elevating and unifying the level of healthcare treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients throughout the nation, thanks to the commitment of its members and the high level of professionalism they provide.

The Association is made up of Founding Members, Ordinary Members and Affiliate Members.

The Founders consists of public and private oncology-focus IRCCSs that participated in the founding act, signed in 2020 at the behest of the Ministry of Health.

The Ordinary Members are comprised of public and private entities that have the recognition of IRCCS and non-profit associations as well as other entities and participants, both public and private, engaged in oncology, clinical research, and the healthcare field, together with associations of cancer patients who apply and are admitted to ACC.

The Adherents include not-for-profit associations and public and private entities generally involved in oncology.

Finally, Sympathizers are all those institutions and individuals who share the purposes of ACC and intend to support its activity without participating in its management and/or organization. At their request, they are admitted by the Association.

The Associates

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