IRCCS National Cancer Institute Foundation

Scientific director

Dr. Giovanni Apolone

The IRCSS Foundation, the National Cancer Institute Foundation (INT), as the first Italian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, pursues its objectives as a public oncological IRCCS through a wide range of healthcare and research activities.

INT confirms itself as a national and international reference center in cancer treatment and research, both for the most common cancers and rarer ones, such as sarcomas, head and neck cancers, and pediatric cancers.

INT has more than 18,000 hospitalizations a year, of which about 25% are for patients coming from outside the Regione Lombardia.

Innovative therapies (immunotherapy, new technologies of radiotherapy and sequencing (NGS), also applied in diagnostics) are provided to patients through different modalities, including participation in sponsored and non-profit studies, in the very early phase (Phase I).

INT research is fulfilled with scientific structures and programs ranging from basic biological research to clinical and epidemiological health research, privileging a translational approach, through which new findings can be quickly transferred from the research domain to the “patient’s bed.”

INT has approximately 600 active clinical trials, of which 60% are experimental (Clinical Trials) with an enrollment of around 25,000 cases per year; in 2016, 689 scientific articles were published, 280 with INT author as first or last author.

At the international level, INT participates in countless research networks and more than 12 cancer research organizations. Moreover, INT is a coordinator of the Joint Action on Rare Cancers, a project funded by the European Commission, and is joining the Cancer Core Europe Consortium, which is the network of excellence that includes the best European Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

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