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    The pediatric hospital Bambino Gesù (OPBG), Scientific Institute for Research and Treatment, is the largest pediatric hospital and research center in Europe.

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Scientific director

Prof. Andrea Onetti Muda

The pediatric hospital Bambino Gesù (OPBG), Scientific Institute for Research and Treatment, is the largest pediatric hospital and research center in Europe.

With its organization, facilities, high-quality technology, and top health professionals, OPBG guarantees coverage for all care areas, including urgencies and emergencies.

The excellence of the OPBG was recognized in 2015 for the fourth time through accreditation by the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI), the leading international accreditation institution in the health sector, which certified OPBG’s compliance with international standards of excellence, confirming commitment to ensuring safe and effective healthcare for young patients.

Public care is organized into 10 Clinical Departments: Surgical Department; Emergency Acceptance – Anesthesia Resuscitation and Operating Departments; Imaging; Immunology Laboratories and Diagnostics; Medical-Surgical Pediatric Cardiology; Medical and Surgical Neonatology; Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation; Oncoematology and Transfusion Medicine; University Hospital Pediatric; and Pediatric Specialists.

In 2016, Healthcare activity was represented by 26,947 ordinary admissions, 12,161 day hospital and 2,095 day surgery admissions, 1,696,279 outpatient services, 80,015 emergency room admissions, and 27,058 surgeries.

Scientific research, an element of excellence of the Institute, includes basic, translational, and clinical research and is organized into six research areas: Genetic and Rare Diseases; Oncohaematology; Multifactorial Diseases and Complex Phenotypes; Immunology; Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Drug Development; and Clinical and Technological Innovations.

New research laboratories, inaugurated in 2015, cover an area of more than 5,000 square meters located in the new Research Pole of San Paolo Fuori le Mura and are provided with the most advanced equipment for genomic analysis, metagenomics, metabolomics, proteomics, microarray technology, cytogenetics, FISH applications, cytofluorimetry, and cell and molecular biology.

Scientific research simultaneously involves over 300 research projects, primarily national and international multicentric. In 2016, this intense activity resulted in the achievement of 2500 impact factors as the total value of scientific production and 600 international publications yielded by researchers from the Hospital.

The OPBG has a permanent structured staff of approximately 2,500, of whom 550 are physicians, as well as 45 biologists and pharmacists, active in clinical care and scientific research. It also has a contract staff of approximately 180 members. The OPBG is also a training center, with about 50 Specialist Physicians in Training and more than 100 students and trainees/attendants.

The clinical and scientific excellence of the OPBG is also evidenced through a relationship network with national and international institutes. Indeed, being part of fifteen networks in the European Reference Networks dedicated to rare diseases places the OPBG at the forefront of European and international pediatrics and testifies to its brilliance in healthcare and scientific research.

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