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Andrea Sianesi

La presidenza della fondazione Politecnico di Milano è affidata ad Andrea Sianesi.

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano was established in 2003 at the behest of Politecnico di Milano, together with our city’s main institutions and the regional government of Lombardy, with the support of several important business companies.

Fondazione is actively engaged in enhancing the University’s development path of accessible innovation and to share the many strengths that define its research in the fields of engineering, architecture and industrial design with manufacturing companies and the local community, driving progress to build the future. The Foundation contributes towards innovating and developing Italy’s economic and productive landscape, operating to improve the efficiency of relationships between Politecnico and companies, institutions and public authorities, by providing professional support, including on and international scale, to research, education and the University third mission.

The Foundation, on the mandate of Politecnico di Milano, has the objective of disseminating knowledge and appreciation of the University’s research, including raising funds within the private and public sectors. Fondazione Politecnico di Milano works alongside teachers and researchers to identify partners and resources for their projects. It also supports them in promoting and spreading the results of their work. Furthermore, the Foundation is keen to involve companies in funded projects, to the benefit of their operations, in a perspective of continuous evolution. Managed by the Foundation and classified among the first five university incubators at global level, PoliHub Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator is a consolidated reality that can give its support to this pool of companies. Fondazione Politecnico di Milano develops and implements personalised corporate training projects and learning models based on competency-based training. These programmes mainly target schools, universities, public authorities and companies, nationally and internationally.

The Foundation today encompasses a large group of professionals whose solid and dynamic approach, combined with their ability to operate in national and international contexts, has allowed them to build consolidated relationships with the world of companies and public authorities, interpreting their needs for innovation and championing their collaboration with the world of universities and research.

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