Funding translational research on high-impact cancers

  • Financial Contribution:

    ~ 11 Millions €

    Granted by the European Commission

  • Duration:

    60 months

    Start: 1st March 2021


The TRANSCAN-3 network embodies an excellent model of cross-national cooperation that brings together 31 regional/national public and private organisations, from 20 European and non-European countries, with the aim to fund high-impact translational cancer research. The overall objectives of TRANSCAN-3 are:

  • To strategically pool regional and national public and private resources dedicated to cancer research;
  • To align national and regional public and private cancer research programmes;
  • To strengthen, widen and make sustainable the existing network of funders.

The main instrument to achieve these objectives is the launch of joint transnational calls (JTCs) on translational cancer research with the purpose to fund excellent research projects, to address research on the most relevant topics, and to boost transnational scientific collaborations. The first EU-co-funded JTC was launched in 2021; three additional calls (one per year) are to be launched without EU co-funding throughout the project duration.

ACC participates in the TRANSCAN-3 network as a funding agency and is responsible for the network strategy for identification of research and innovation priorities. In this context, ACC played a key role in the definition of the topic of the first co-funded call (JTC 2021, Next-generation cancer immunotherapy targeting the tumour microenvironment) and in the implementation of the second call (JTC 2022, Novel translational approaches to tackle the challenges of hard-to-treat cancers from early diagnosis to therapy), for which it took charge of the call segretariat.

Project coordinator

Giandomenico Russo - Giulia Piaggio

The scientific coordination is shared by Giandomenico Russo (IRCCS IDI Rome) and Giulia Piaggio (IRCCS IRE Rome).