HBD Project, IEO is searching for computer Scientist, Bioinformatician or Data engineer

Join our team to contribute to the management of the Alleanza Contro Il Cancro‘s bioinformatics platform and its integration into the Health Big Data project.

Responsibilities: As the chosen candidate, you will be at the forefront of clinical omics data within a collaborative network of bioinformaticians across multiple institutions. Your role will span the entire data lifecycle, from user onboarding to the delivery of clinical reports. Key responsibilities include creating user accounts, streamlining automation for quality checks and data processing pipelines, reporting on institute’s data within ACC trials, and maintaining the ACC platform ( with the support of CNAF-INFN (Bologna). Additionally, you will play a critical role in integrating ACC’s data and workflow into the broader Health Big Data Project (

Requirements: We are looking for candidates who have:

  • Educational Background:A completed (or near completion) Master’s Degree or a PhD in fields such as Computer Science, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Engineering, or related disciplines. English and Italian proficiency are desirable.
  • Technical Proficiency:Proficiency in Linux and bash scripting is a must.
  • Containerization Skills:Familiarity with containers (docker/singularity) is desirable.
  • Tech Savvy:Knowledge of Cloud platforms (Open Stack) would be a significant advantage, as well as experience with webservers and database development (Django).
  • Bioinformatics pipelines and Workflow Management:understanding of bioinformatics pipelines, as well as experience with workflow managers like Nextflow are desirable.

The position will be for one year and will be based in Milan at the Department of Experimental Oncology of the IEO, one of the world’s most prestigious oncological hospitals.

How to Apply: If you find this opportunity interesting, please contact Dr. Arnaud Ceol at

Deadline: 16th February 2024